Videos available

  • Session 1: Keynote by Esther Derby: Still No Silver Bullets. (download)
  • Session 2: Esther Derby keynote + Invited Talk by Kati Vilkki: When agile is not enough.(dowload)
  • Session 3: Invited talk by Jurgen Appelo. The Purpose of Leadership and Governance.(dowload)
  • Session 4: Invited Talk by Angel Medinilla: Scrumban.(dowload)
  • Session 5: Keynote by Brian Marick: What Forms of Work and Life Make Sense for Us?.(dowload)
  • Session 6: Invited Talk by Mike Hill: Geek Leadership In Deep Legacy. (dowload)
  • Session 7: Invited Talk by Elizabeth Keogh: BDD for Life: Using the Philosophy and Patterns in Coaching. (dowload)
  • Session 8: Invited talk by Laurent Bossavit: Forty years of software engineering, ten years of Agile, now what?. (dowload)