Introduction to Behaviour Driven Development

BDD is a set of practices which help software development teams to have conversations about the behavior of their system and how it delivers value to the project stakeholders. BDD has changed from its early roots as a replacement to TDD and now works as a mini-methodology across the whole software lifecycle. Over the last few years the adoption of BDD has grown globally, with dozens of tools created, used by hundreds of projects around the world., In this tutorial we look at the original reasons behind the creation of BDD, bringing the focus back to the language and conversations which lie at its heart. We look at how BDD?s patterns can be applied at multiple scales ? from the initial project vision all the way to the code ? to deliberately discover and address ignorance in every aspect of software development, producing reliable, maintainable software that matters., , Attendees will learn:, , ? The origins of BDD and the problems it solves, ? Why ignorance is the constraint on your project, ? Some frequently used conversational patterns, ? How BDD can be applied from analysis to code, ? How to use BDD tools effectively, ? How to adopt BDD incrementally on a project, and which aspects are most important, ? How to create a safe learning environment in which BDD can thrive

Type: Tutorial

Author: Liz Keogh

Duration: 3 hours

When: 13 of May at 15:30

Where:  Cepeda meeting room