Agile Management: Leadership on an Agile environment

For a long time, Agile literature have been focused on development practices, teamwork, processes and tools. Front-line roles like those of the Scrum Master / Agile Coach or Product Owner have been described, and some organizational guidelines have been described under the ?Enterprise Scrum? or ?Scaling Agility? tags., , But it is only recently that the manager?s role on an Agile Environment is being deeply discussed and described. Depicted as ?chickens? for more than a decade or even characterized as ?the bad guy? by the most radical Agilists, their importance on the successful development of an Agile Corporate Culture and an Agile Environment where teams can strive and improve is scarcely studied., , The traditional Command & Control management style must be dropped, says Agile. Teams must self-organize. Management must step aside. This kind of message is wholeheartedly embraced by Agile teams that have suffered bad management for decades, but managers are less likely to embrace a concept that, sometimes, seems to pursue the banishment of all management from earths surface., , On an Agile environment, the manager?s role changes from the Command & Control system to a Servant Leadership & Role Model paradigm whose main responsibilities include impediments removal, constraints and goals definition, efforts alignment, growth management, team and individual development and, most important of all, corporate culture definition and improvement. The Agile Manager also has a leading role on change management and should act as a sponsor and a catalyst on an Agile Implementation project.  , , On this half-day tutorial (180 mins), attendees will learn:, ? What Agile means to a Corporate Culture and the old-style management, ? What to expect from a self-organized Agile Team and how Command & Control kills Agile, ? How to manage complex systems ? or not, ? The Managers role on motivation, development and alignment, ? The Managers role on at the portfolio level: planning, measuring and executing on an Agile Environment, , The intended audience include:, , ? Middle and top managers on an Agile environment or willing to launch an Agile adoption program on their organization, ? Project Managers on an Agile transition, ? Team Leaders that want to mentor their managers on the Agile Way, ? Agile coaches, ? Agile evangelists, ? Change Managers, ? Anyone interested on the Agile Corporate Culture concept, ? Anyone involved on an Agile transition / adoption project

Type: Workshop

Author: Jurgen Appelo

Duration: 3 hours

When: 13 of May at 15:30

Where:  Cordobés meeting room