Value-Based Software Traceability

Traceability provides an essential support for developing high quality software systems. Traceability, therefore, has been traditionally strongly infuenced by the software process drivers. However, the software process is, during the last few years, considering new drivers. One of them is value. The global value of a product can be understood as the perceived benets in relation to its cost. However, the technical and business stakeholders need a close interaction to consider each other in their product value management approaches, otherwise business decisions would not consider software engineering impacts and vice versa, development decisions would not take into account business value requirements. From the perspective of traceability, the value consideration may change many assumptions. Traceability items should contain the necessary information to estimate its value under a given context. Therefore the traditional traceability schemes seem to be too limited for describing and tracing the value. To start with, it would be necessary to understand the scope, delivery and implications of value tracing. Additionally, the agile community claims for a trustworthy transparency over tiresome traceability in order to get projects which are transparent and visible in their status/accounting. Then, these traceability approaches need to provide, what is called by some authors, lean traceability. Therefore, the VALSOT workshop's main objectives are: 1) to create a forum to discuss current approaches on software value-based traceability, 2) to state a research agenda based on the above topics, highly oriented to support industrial contexts.

Type: Workshop

Author: Angelina Espinoza, Richard Paige and Juan Garbajosa

Duration: 3 hours

When: 13 of May at 15:30

Where: Prisma meeting room