Extreme Startup

In this hands-on workshop we aim to simulate product teams building software and delivering it into a market. You can continue to refine and upgrade your software throughout the session, releasing new versions and testing their performance in the market. Once your software is live it will begin to accrue points, as simulated users use the software and score it against how well it fits their needs. The earlier you release your software, the sooner you will start accruing points, and the earlier you can learn something about the market, which should inform your next iteration. In the lean startup movement, this is know as the Build-Measure-Learn cycle[6]. The aim of the workshop is to simulate product development in a quickly changing environment, where agile techniques should excel. How quickly can we iterate? What are the bottlenecks? Which techniques are most valuable? Do any fall by the wayside? Robert Chatley http://chatley.com  http://develogical.com
Matt Wynne  http://blog.mattwynne.net/

Type: Tutorial

Author: Robert Chatley and Matt Wynne

Duration: 3 hours

When: 13 of May at 15:30

Where: Habana meeting room