Brutal Refactoring

There is a lot of tacit knowledge in the industry about refactoring, but there are also some very hard cases.  Some code is so inscrutable that it defies most attempts to make it understandable.  Developers are tempted to throw it away and start over again, but as always, they are stymied by the fact that they don?t really understand what they want to replace.  In this tutorial, Michael Feathers will present a number of aggressive refactorings that can be used to move nearly intractable code up to the next level of maintainability.  The goal isn?t to make the code clean or pretty, but simply manageable. The techniques will focus on invasive changes that can be made on code with highly conditional logic and massive temporary variable usage.

Type: Tutorial

Author: Michael Feathers

Duration: 3 hours

When: 10 of May at 15:30

Where: Cepeda meeting room