Dealing with usability in an agile domain

The integration of usability engineering and agile software development practices is an emerging challenge. Both the agile and the HCI community have recognized both the need and the difficulties to incorporate efficient usability practices in this domain. During XP 2010 a first edition of this workshop was held with about 25 attendees, who actively participated in an interesting debate about the topic and highlighted many open issues. XP 2011 workshop is aimed to keep on being a forum for discussing approximations for the intersection of agility and usability. Participation would be open to all XP2011 attendees. To present in the workshop, contributors would be required to submit a position paper or an experience report and receive advance approval of the organizing committee (to ensure relevance and quality of contributions). Those submissions should not exceed 4 pages in length in Springer's LNBIP format.

Type: Workshop

Author: Ana Maria Moreno and Agustin Yag├╝e

Duration: 3 hours

When: 10 of May at 15:30

Where: Barcelona meeting room