How to Sabotage the Lego City Scrum Game

Ever met a dysfunctional team mate? Then you know what we?re talking about. While coaching agile teams in different organisations we met a lot of people effectively sabotaging our agile transitions. Most of them didn?t mean to, they just behaved in a way that was dysfunctional in the team context. At the same time we started to think about what we could do about it and how to reduce this behaviour in our teams. We searched for the different causes and guess what: We found some. But what you tend to initially see is only the surface and not the real reason. Once you start to dig deeper to find the real causes you?ll find out that everything can be tracked back to four root causes. We call them ?The four evil root causes from hell?: Ignorance, Fear, Indolence, Apathy. In our session we will play the Lego City Scrum Game. But instead of a full team of motivated people there will be some team mates behaving strange, trying to jeopardize our project goal. Join us to find out how to cope with such team mates to build better teams.

Type: Workshop

Author: Olaf Lewitz and Marc Löffler

Duration: 3 hours

When: 10 of May at 15:30

Where: Prisma meeting room