A Simple Approach to Modular Design

When I tried to learn object-oriented design, I read the classics. At least I tried to read the classics. It didn?t go that well. It wasn?t until I began practising test-driven development that I began to truly understand the principles of object-oriented design, including how to use them effectively to drive down the cost of adding features. After a while, I recognised that I had really learned the principles of modular design in general, and not just of object-oriented design in particular. Since I learned those principles this way, I also teach them this way. This is not a class in test-driven development, although we will review the fundamentals of test-driven development. Instead, in this class we focus on how to use a small number of simple rules to generate truly flexible designs: that is, designs that actually flex as you add more features.

Type: Tutorial

Author: J. B. Rainsberger

Duration: 4 hours

When: 10 of May at 9:00

Where: Cepeda meeting room