Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams

On the one hand there are meanwhile not many projects left that are made at home without outsourcing, off- or nearshoring. Thus, global software development seems to be a fact in state-of-the-art software development. On the other hand more and more projects discover the success factor of agile software development not only since the Standish Group is recommending this approach. However, there are still a lot of people who believe agile software development is for small and collocated teams only. However, the agile value system and the principles as stated in the manifesto don?t argue about project size and distribution. Yet, agile software development requests ?among other things? an emphasis on face-to-face communication, which seems to contradict with globally distributed environments. In this session, Jutta will report from her experiences in bringing the two trends ?agile and global? together and on which practices help and which hinder the success of such a project. The following questions are the focal point of the tutorial: What are the possibilities to overcome the challenges global software development provides, and what are the success factors for implementing an agile software development process within such constraints? Jutta?s own experiences are mainly based on large global agile projects in embedded and commercial software development.

Type: Tutorial

Author: Jutta Eckstein

Duration: 4 hours

When: 10 of May at 9:00

Where: Cordob├ęs meeting room