Thursday's keynote

Title: "What Forms of Work-and-Life Make Sense for Us?"

Keynote speaker: Brian Marick

Abstract:It's widely agreed that Agile has "crossed the chasm" to mainstream acceptance. Along the way, some of the more interesting bits have fallen off. This talk will be the latest in a multi-year effort to recover those bits, rehabilitate them, make them stranger, and encourage you to put them to work. There will be no overarching "Big Idea", but some smaller ideas will include the distinction between what I call "the stance of rationality" and "the stance of reaction" (I favor the latter), the high cost of thinking, the virtues of habit, and some criticism of the optimistic ideas about teams, enterprises, and leaders that infest our field. There may also be a tango lesson.

 Short Bio: Brian Marick was a Lisp and C programmer in the 80's, a testing consultant in the 90's, an Agile consultant in the 00's, and  is a Ruby and Clojure programmer this decade.
He was one of the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and  is the author of three books: The Craft of Software Testing, Everyday Scripting with Ruby and Programming Cocoa with Ruby.